Investment Process Series Episode 1

Investment Process Series Episode 1: Eric explains the investment process that has led Lighthaven to its industry breaking returns.

Performance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Performance During COVID-19 Pandemic In this video, Eric tells the story of how Lighthaven prepared for the pandemic and announces what Lighthaven will do to help fight COVID-19.

The Returns of the Fund

The Returns of the Fund Eric discusses the returns of the Lighthaven Fund.

Shorting Stocks Demystified

Shorting Stocks Demystified Shorting stocks is a complicated concept, one that many people don’t fully understand. Eric provides a simple explanation of what it means to short a stock and when it is beneficial to take that risk.

Lighthaven’s Performance

Lighthaven’s Performance Eric breaks down how the Lighthaven Fund performs as the stock market changes. See how the fund adapts to every situation to make sure our assets are protected.

The Lighthaven Investment Strategy

The Lighthaven Investment Strategy Eric breaks down the investment strategy behind the Lighthaven Fund. Learn about the steps we’re taking to achieve our goal of becoming the best hedge fund out there.