We Share Your High Expectations.

We believe that the best way to serve our clients is by aligning our interests with you, being transparent, and focusing on being the best long-term investors anywhere.  We are motivated by our passion for investing, doing the right thing, and helping others.


Partner with a visionary investor aiming to be the best investor in the world, has the majority of his investable assets in the fund, and who has consistently outperformed. Imagine giving your complete trust and faith to someone passionate about helping you and your family. Lighthaven redefines what to expect.


Lighthaven delivers exceptional results. We have consistently grown the assets of our partners by investing in some of the best growth stocks in recent years, while shorting and hedging to protect the fund and enhance returns.




Lighthaven is managed by Eric Chung who has nearly all of his net worth in Lighthaven other than his principal residence and employee stock grants. Every decision he makes for Lighthaven is the same he is making for himself and his family. We are fully aligned in interest.


No black boxes. No jargon. You’ll always have complete visibility into our investment process, results and our thinking.


You want exceptional performance without taking imprudent risks. Lighthaven hedges when the market is expensive, protects against meltdowns, and shorts failing & overvalued companies.

Lighthaven invests for the long-term in a curated portfolio of growth companies that is hedged. Lighthaven is for U.S. accredited investors only.

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